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This page contains information about national initiatives on earlier testing and relevant links.

Rapid HIV testing results Estonia
During the activities, information materials and condoms were distributed free of charge. The volunteers of the Estonian Network of People Living With HIV gave consultation and answered questions.
Within two days altogether were tested 188 people. In 7 times the tests revealed a positive result. The rapid HIV testing was a reply for a difficult epidemiological situation in North-East Estonia.

For the first time in Estonia, the rapid HIV testing was organized and held by the Institute for Health Development and the Estonian Network of People Living with HIV in November, 2009. During sequence of activities altogether 2 727 people were tested, 68 of them were HIV-positive.

• 7542 new HIV cases were recorded in Estonia by July 30th, 2010.
• By words of the experts, the number of HIV-positive people may reach 11 000-12 000.
• The average age of new cases compared to previous years grew up.
• According to the index of HIV infection dissemination Estonia - the leader among the countries of the European Union.

World AIDS Day 2010
As part of World AIDS Day 2010, the Estonian Network of People Living with HIV, on 30 November, organizes a roundtable discussion titled "Expanding access to HIV testing” with officials of the Ministry of Social Affairs, representatives of Institute for Health Development (TAI), Estonian Society of Infectious diseases (EIS) etc.
Objectives of roundtable discussion:
Discuss the test results
Consider the possibility of expanding access to testing and timely access to treatment
Advocacy: Expanding rapid HIV testing for NGOs
Rapid HIV testing under field conditions, access to testing for vulnerable groups
Unification of  NGOs and doctors efforts
Development Mechanisms and implementation of rapid HIV testing

On December 1, 2010 in Tallinn, Narva, Tartu, Jõhvi and Kohtla-Järve will be lit candles in the form of the red ribbon of tolerance. The members and volunteers of the Estonian Network of People Living with HIV will distribute brochures, information materials, condoms, lubricants, red ribbons that symbolize the commitment to combat HIV/AIDS pandemic during the campaign. Activists of the Estonian Network of PLWH are going to meet with doctors and representatives of local governments. In Tallinn and Narva will be held evenings of solidarity. On 30 November - 1 December the Estonian Network of PLWH, Institute for health Development with the support of the Estonian Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS are going to organize rapid HIV testing.