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Late presentation

1. The European Consensus Definition of Late Presentation of HIV

European late presenter working group: Late presentation of HIV infection: A consensus definition, HIV Medicine 2010, Published Online: 17 Jun 2010

Late Presentation Definition - Background

A common definition of the term "late presenter" is essential if late presentation is to be more effectively dealt with by public health authorities across Europe and elsewhere.

Two initiatives, HIV in Europe and the "Late presentation for HIV treatment on Europe" joined efforts in Spring 2009 to identify a common definition of a patient presenting late for care.

Surveillance to identify the exact extent of the problem of late diagnosis of HIV has been complicated because there existed more than 20 different definitions. A common definition will make the problem of late presentation more “visible”, improve surveillance data and comparison between countries, facilitate identification of risk factors in a common way, and serve as a quality control marker for public health policies and academic initiatives promoting earlier diagnosis.

Other presentations of results

Presentation of the definition at the HIV in Europe 2009 Conference, Stockholm, November 2009, by José Gatell

2. Epidemiology of late presenters

Project financed by EuroCoord with the objectives to study the epidemiology for those persons who are presenting late with HIV over time compared to those presentingtimely for care. The project is funded through the EuroCoord Network of Excellence FP7 grant.

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