The next biennial HepHIV Conference is taking place from the 28-30 January 2019 in Bucharest, Romania under the Romanian EU presidency (January-July 2019). The conference is organised jointly with the 3-year EU funded action INTEGRATE (, which in early 2019 will be in the middle of its execution and this will be an important venue for the presentation and discussion of its preliminary results and achieved milestones.

Conference Objective
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HepHIV 2014 was the first European Conference to address HIV and viral hepatitis in tandem. In addition to demonstrating the synergies between the two diseases and creating opportunities to learn from each other’s experience, HepHIV 2014 in Barcelona and HepHIV 2017 in Malta both brought together a broad audience of around 250 people with participation from civil society, policymakers, health professionals and European public health institutions, both as participants and partners. Combining the INTEGRATE Conference with HepHIV will ensure the widest possible participation of the involved stakeholders as well as interaction with the EU Commission and a very broad audience in the domain of the JA and ensures synergies and transferability across Europe, as well as broaden to TB and STIs. 

The HepHIV conference succeeded the HIV in Europe conferences which started in 2007 and which has since then been working for improving HIV testing and earlier care, with biennial conferences held in Brussels 2007, Stockholm 2009, Copenhagen 2012 under the respective countries EU presidencies. With this long lasting aim and with the link to viral hepatitis for the first time in 2014, the HepHIV2019 conference also marks twelve years of working together for optimal testing and earlier care.